CleBox Home Energy Management System

  • increased residential comfort and safety

  • remote control

  • energy and cost saving

CleBox® -service automatically optimizes the usage of electricity consumption. By shifting the time of use of electrical devices (e.g. heating) to the cheapest hours, service reduces customers cost of electricity by 20-35%.

Demand flexibility

Controlling the timing has become more and more essential to private electricity consumers. In the residential sector implementation of demand flexibility can save grid costs, and customers can cut their electric bills.

  • hourly electricity price is powerfull tool to create market driven demand flexibilty

  • to increase demand response within the private households, the participation must be effortless 

With advanced home energy management systems loads can be shifted away from peak periods by reshaping the daily load curve of the households.

Carbon footprint

In today’s system, peak demand is often met by the dirtiest, least-efficient power plants. By shifting load away from peak periods, we can save money and nature.

Our solution

CleBox home energy management system can fully utilize residential demand flexibility without compromising the indoor comfort. 

CleBox can not only shift eligible loads across the hours of a day to lower-cost times, reshaping the daily load curve of the households, but also gives possibility to use capacity for continuous power balancing of the grid. This innovative system can connect all small customers as a controllable power cloud and provides private households inbuilt flexibility to energy market.